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Care for Social Responsibilities

Chaweng Regent’s Policy on Environmental & Community Activities

Chaweng Resort Social Responsibility
Chaweng Regent Joins Tree planting Activity
Chaweng Regent Environment Conservation
What We Do

“Green CRBR” concept aims to create and maintain some worthy and creative practices among our associates in taking care of our Hotel, and conserving our environment. We’ve set up a committee with representatives from all Hotel departments to specifically focus on various Hotel environmental issues. Our long term goal is to save the natural resources, and take part in the whole world-wide campaign on energy-saving, and on environmental care and protection.

It is our conviction to continuously practice energy conservation at all areas of the hotel by educating and inspiring our team on their individual contribution. We are committed to support any community activities to improve of our environment (Koh Samui), and the whole world as a whole, i.e., tree planting, beach cleaning, temple and school cleaning, energy-conservation practices, and on reduce, re-use, re-cycle, etc.

How Do It

Awareness among Hotel Associates

What we’ve done at first was that we’ve conducted environmental awareness training for our associates, and had shown them a video on “An Inconvenient Truth” that talks a lot about “Global Warming”. Associates are given training in the proper use of our Hotel equipment and resources so as to minimize breakage or mal-functioning of those equipment. We also have some regular environmental activities in the hotel that involve our associates i.e., beach cleaning, hotel cleaning, hotel dormitory cleaning, and also other community projects like street cleaning, school and temple cleaning. At our associates’ area, we also have a board showing posters on energy-saving and environmental concern to create awareness among our each department of the hotel also has their department’s ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ (SOP) on ‘Energy Conservation’. Associates are also encouraged to join community seminars on any environmental, or energy-conservation issues.

Guest Participation
Guest are reminded and encouraged through the use of tent cards to participate in the Hotel conservation exercises like water-saving, and re-use of bed linen and towels.

Support On Community Activities/Projects
The Hotel participate and support many different community activities at Koh Samui like the “Low Carbon School Project” that is also supported by THA (Thailand Hotels Association), various regular community activities like Beach, Street, School, and Temple Cleaning, etc. We give priority to local suppliers in order to maximize the positive economic impact of tourism at Koh Samui.

Chaweng Regent Green Charity Project

Chaweng Regent Green Charity Project
Community Activities at Koh Samui
Samui Environmental Conservation
The project was set up in December 2006 to support Samui community activities and environment for example, the Samui Fishery Habitat Restoration Project (Biorock Thailand).

Every 20 baht donation from the hotel guests can help us to save Samui clean and green.

Eco-system Conservation
The resort is only two-storey high, and has bungalows to blend in with the environment. Trees were cut down at least, but build around. We have lush garden and big trees around the resort that our guests really love.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation
Electronic transformers as well as energy-saving bulbs are used in the entire resort. Pool pumps are switched on for 4 hours only instead of 24 hours, and yet not affecting the pool water quality. Automatic switches on/off are used in all offices, and air-cons are set at 25 degrees, and all electrical equipments are un-plugged when not in use, and after work. Lights and air-cons are switched off whenever the weather allows it, and we open the windows instead. All rooms and villas have RCU (remote control units) which means electricity is only used when key card is inserted.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Concerning with the health and environmental issues, all rooms in the resort are non-smoking.

Efficient Use of Water
Water is very scarce in Koh Samui, and the Hotel is very much committed in very careful consumption of fresh water. The Hotel has the rain water collection process and this water is used for landscape irrigation, and for our sprinkler system.

Waste Minimization and Re-cycling
The Hotel is a strong supporter of the 3 Rs: Reduce, Re-use, and Re-cycle. We do print some items only when it’s very necessary, and we use both sides of the paper as much as we can. We use color-coded waste containers to segregate waste items: glass, plastic, metal, tins, paper products, and wet items (perishable/left-over food). Left-over food is converted into
compost and used as natural fertilizers for our plants, while other dry items are sold, and the money is used for staff activities.

Use and Storage of Environmentally Harmful Substances
The Hotel strongly complies with the laws requirement on health and safety. We use environmental friendly, and natural materials and products like the use of freshly cut Pandan leaves to deodorize our washrooms. Proper storage is provided for our cleaning substances, and the associates are also given proper training as to their usage.

Why We Do It

Chaweng Regent Beach Resort is very much aware of the abuses that “Mother Nature” has suffered, and the effects it has brought to our lives and to the whole world as a whole. The above-mentioned policies and practices are therefore implemented, and will continuously be improved for us at Melati to be able to support other community efforts to heal our mother nature from her sufferings. Our conviction is to help make Koh Samui a truly paradise island.

Beach Cleaning

Samui Beach Cleaning
Bangrak Beach Samui
beach Hotel Activity
Beach Cleaning Equipment
Hotel Conservation Exercises
Chaweng Beach Cleaning Activity
Chaweng Regent Beach Resort and Melati Beach Resort and Spa supported Beach cleaning activity which was held by Blue Water International School, Baan Bangrak School and many volunteers on Thursday 4th June 2009 at Bangrak Beach, Koh Samui. The hotels donated the equipment for cleaning and after this all equipments were given to Baan Bangrak School.