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Chaweng Regent Beach Resort's Newsletter

August 2012 Highlight

Dear Friends,

Summer floats by as we transition into a busy month of August. Marking an influx of summer travelers on sunny Samui, this month promises to be remarkable one at Chaweng Regent Beach Resort. Here's a quick preview.

We share a little information about Buddhism, the most practiced religion in Thailand. On Thursday August 2, a full moon marked the beginning of Lent, an important period of piety and reflection for our Buddhist friends all over the world.

Take a step back to remember an outstanding evening at our sister resort, Melati Beach Resort & Spa. Chefs crossed knives in a battle to the death at the first ever Dueling Chefs Wine Dinner at Kan Sak Thong. Well maybe not exactly to the death, but a re-lentless battle in the food arena between Red Snapper Restaurant's talented Chef Sébastien Meunier and Kan Sak Thong's rising star Chef Pornchai Perunawin.
Chaweng Beach Koh Samui

Also, we take a closer look at Escape Spa as our team of therapists continues to wow guests by offering health enhancing services in a delight-ful environment.

We can't wait to tell you more, so pour yourself a drink, put your feet up and let us regale you with the latest from Chaweng Regent Beach Resort!
In This Issue
• Recognizing Buddhist Lent: An Introduction To Khao Pansa
• Seaside Sanook - Beach Party Chom Talay
• Red Snapper Participates in Dueling Chefs Dinner
• Escape to Escape Spa
• Chaweng Regent Facebook: We Need Your Support!
Lobby Chaweng Regent
Recognizing Buddhist Lent: An Introduction To Khao Pansa
Buddhist Lent or Khao Pansa
For Buddhism and its followers, Lent or Khao Pansa is a time of deep devotion and also marks a traditional retreat for monks lasting 3 months.

All around Thailand candle parades are organized to local temples: the candle is usu-ally about two meters tall and is meant to stay alight for the full three months, in the belief that such a gift will likewise illuminate the mind.

Monks are also not allowed to leave their temples; it is a time for study and medita-tion.
During this time, devotees pray and meditate, refrain from improper behaviors, offer food and alms to monks, give up certain pleasures like alcohol and tobacco, and be-have according to the rules of Buddhist Commandments.
Seaside Sanook: An A Beach Party At Chom Talay
Seaside Sanook
Religious fervor and fun are certainly not mutually exclusive in Thailand and Seaside Sanook at Chom Talay was proof of that. On Saturday, August 4, guests came from all over the island for Chaweng Regent's 1st Seaside Sanook Beach Party. It was an evening of dining and dancing under the light of the full moon.

For those who were not under alcohol constraints, special cocktails graciously sponsored by Diageo were available all night long. After a few tasty drinks our guests soon started kicking their heels up on the beach, singing along to the irre-sistible tunes from our dynamic trio.

Stay tuned for more at Chaweng Regent Beach Resort !
Chom Talay Beach Party
Red Snapper Participates in Dueling Chef's Dinner
It all happened on Thursday July 26, on a starlit night at Melati Beach Resort & Spa.

The first ever Dueling Chefs Wine Dinner was hosted at Kan Sak Thong in conjunction with World Class Wines. Chefs Sébastien and Pornchai each donned gloves as the evening started, but those soon came off as the real battle began in the kitchen.

The chefs and their team were given the same weapons: identical, top quality ingredients for seven courses. The Rules of Battle was to interpret the ingredients in their own personal style and create delec-table dishes. The Goal was to crush the opponent and neither pulled punches as a true culinary showdown ensued.
Chefs Sébastien and Chef Pornchai Perunawin
Samui's expat and local community, as well as industry professionals were the privileged diners. This novel approach for food lovers to experience new palatable flavors created quite a stir, to such an ex-tent that Dueling Chefs will unquestionably return soon.
Escape to Escape Spa
What would a holiday be without a day at the spa? Massage treatments, hydrotherapy or a simple facial can do wonders for your health.

Our spa, aptly named Escape Spa, is nestled in between the beach pool and garden pool. Despite a seemingly busy location, the facili-ty instantly creates an aura of calmness up-on arrival.

As you are led to one of 10 comfortable treatment rooms, aromatic essential oils and the ambient music gently set the mood for
relaxation. You can hear the soothing sounds of rustling water and birds chirping in the trees outside while your treatment is in progress.

Escape spa provides an extensive array of health enhancing services, including muscle-soothing massages, body wraps, facials for him and her, as well as select treatments like pregnancy nurturing massages.

Please visit our website for a complete spa menu from Escape Spa –
Thai Mother's Day Promo
Chaweng Regent Facebook: We Need Your Support!
Dinner in the Chaweng Sea
Our Team is always happy to welcome each and every one of our guests; we do remember you, miss you all and hope that one day we will have an opportunity to welcome you, your families and friends at Chaweng Regent again.

It would be a great pleasure to know that you are also thinking about us, so like us and follow the updates and spectacular events to come on our Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/ChawengRegent

A Very Big Thank You From Our Team!